Monday, August 29, 2005

Converting Class Array to DataTable

//Variable Declarations
private DataTable dtTemp;

private static void FillData(PropertyInfo[] properties, DataTable dt, Object o)
DataRow dr = dt.NewRow();
foreach(PropertyInfo pi in properties)
dr[pi.Name] = pi.GetValue(o, null);

//All the Properties for the class array are converted to columns. We can always add a
//condition to include required columns alone.
private static DataTable CreateDataTable(PropertyInfo[] properties)
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
DataColumn dc = null;
foreach(PropertyInfo pi in properties)
dc = new DataColumn();
dc.ColumnName = pi.Name;
dc.DataType = pi.PropertyType;

return dt;

public static DataTable ConvertToDataTable(Object[] array)
PropertyInfo[] properties = array.GetType().GetElementType().GetProperties();
DataTable dt = CreateDataTable(properties);
if (array.Length != 0)
foreach(object o in array)
FillData(properties, dt, o);
return dt;

//Call like this
//Convert the Class Object Array to DataTable
dtTemp = ConvertToDataTable(clsData);

Valuable method for convert object array into datatable.Previously i used little bit complex method.Thanx a lot.
rgs chandima
Really Wonderful code. Helped me a lot
Thanks Kannan for taking the time to figure this out and post it online.
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